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The more than 20 years of successful work of the baudenkmal bundesschule bernau association is based on the stable and committed actions of its volunteers. The aspect of joint activities to solve diverse and very interesting tasks is the real reason to be a member of the association. Silent" membership for reasons of sympathy and support is always welcome.
Fields of activity are plentiful and almost inexhaustible. They are oriented towards the sustainable preservation and completion of the listed building and its immediate surroundings, a broadly based public relations work, the collection of historical evidence as well as the documentation of the eventful history of the building and its use.

Become a member! This is how you support an association that received the Brandenburg Prize for the Preservation of Historical Monuments in 1997 and the German Prize for the Preservation of Historical Monuments, the highest award in the Federal Republic of Germany, in 2008 for its services to this important architectural testimony of modernism.